NOTICE: If you do NOT wish to participate in the recommended delay, and are willing to assume the risks, email with your order number and tell us not to delay it.

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the infamous heatwave, or as some are calling it, the "Heat Bubble," sweeping across the USA through parts of June and July. To ensure you receive the best quality products, we are temporarily delaying shipments to most regions, except for states close to and north of Ohio. 

Here’s how we’re handling it:

Regional Shipping Batches

We’re batching orders by region and assessing the weekly heat index to determine if it’s safe to ship your goodies. The biggest threats to our wax melts and soaps are those scorching black mailboxes and packages left in mail trucks for too long. We want to avoid any melted mishaps!

Want Your Order ASAP?

If you prefer to receive your order without delay and are willing to take responsibility for any potential heat damage, just shoot us an email at We’ll ship your order ASAP, but keep in mind that you’ll be assuming all risks related to product damage.

What If My Product Melts?

If your wax melts arrive a bit melty, don’t worry! Simply let them cool down while standing upright. The fragrance load will remain intact, and after an additional week or two of re-curing, your wax melts will be as good as new. To cure, just let them sit without using them. The oils will bind more deeply with the soy wax, enhancing the fragrance throw.

Our Policy on Melted Wax Melts

As per our policy, we do not replace melted wax melts since they are still usable after re-firming. Your patience ensures that you still enjoy the full aromatic experience of our products.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this heatwave together. Stay cool and fragrant!


The Bewilderment Team

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