Oh hi, we're the B-Team!

We're a loud & proud aroma studio crafting unique fragrances & trend setting products since 2015. Fall in love with our 1,500+ aromas, our famously strong soy wax melts & our new viral laundry goods!

We donate a portion of our proceeds to Autism Advocacy, Suicide Prevention and Equal Rights Funds in the USA.

Right now, we're busy opening our second location in Lancaster, Oh. Meanwhile, you can visit us and shop on Friday and Saturday at our headquarters location!

100 S Basil St, Baltimore, Ohio
Fri 12-8 Sat 12-6.

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Car Fresheners

Dragon Breath Car Freshie
Mahogany & Teakwood Car FreshieMahogany & Teakwood Car Freshie
Oh So Pretty Car Freshie
Lover Car Freshie
Fuck Depression Car Freshie
Daydream Car Freshie
Antique Book Smell Car FreshieAntique Book Smell Car Freshie
Fuck Anxiety Car FreshieFuck Anxiety Car Freshie
Cotton Candy Car FreshieCotton Candy Car Freshie
Tropical Car Freshie
Sandalwood Car Freshie
Cinnamon Bun Car Freshie
Gambler Car Freshie
Valley Girl Car Freshie
Orange Creamsicle Car Freshie
Aurora Borealis Car Freshie
Spring Blossoms Car FreshieSpring Blossoms Car Freshie
Ember Car FreshieEmber Car Freshie
Pine Car FreshiePine Car Freshie
Shark Attack Car FreshieShark Attack Car Freshie
Banana Car Freshie
Corgi Butt Car Freshie
New Car Car FreshieNew Car Car Freshie
Gray Sweatpants
Vanilla Pine Car Freshie
Maple Bourbon Car Freshie
Fruit Punch Car Freshie
Sevn’ Up Pound Cake Car Freshie
Sexy Lumberjack Car FreshieSexy Lumberjack Car Freshie
Harrys Wand Car Freshie
Frootie Loopers Car Freshie

Body Butters

Gambler Body Butter
Aurora Borealis Body Butter
Daydream Body Butter
Strawberry Bubblegum Body Butter

Cuticle Custard

Save 33%
Cuticle Custard Vinyl Sticker 3”
Strawberry Cuticle Custard
Aurora Borealis Cuticle CustardAurora Borealis Cuticle Custard
Frootie Loopers Cuticle CustardFrootie Loopers Cuticle Custard
Gray Sweatpants Cuticle CustardGray Sweatpants Cuticle Custard
Mimosa Cuticle CustardMimosa Cuticle Custard
Daydream Cuticle Custard
Watermelon Cuticle Custard
Stars are Blind Cuticle Custard

Strong Shower Steamers

Save 37%
Unicorn Berries Shower Steamers | Quarter Pound
Save 37%
Black Cherry Shower Steamers | Quarter Pound

Bath Bombs

Save 33%
Peach Blossom Bath Bomb with Epsom Salt
Save 28%
Cold Brew Bath Bomb
Cold Brew Bath Bomb
$ 4.99 $ 6.95
Save 28%
Maple Pancake Bath Bomb
StressLess Bath Bomb
Grape Soda Bath Bomb
Save 20%
Oatgasm Bath Bomb
Oatgasm Bath Bomb
$ 5.99 $ 7.49
Save 25%
Butter Bath Bomb
Butter Bath Bomb
$ 5.99 $ 7.95

Lip Balms

Aurora Borealis Lip Balm
Buckeye - Chocolate Peanutbutter Lip Balm
Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm
Guava Lip Balm
Merlot Lip Balm
Chardonay Lip Balm
Sauvignon Blanc Lip Balm

Hand Sanitizer

Clarity Rinse-Free Hand Wash
Aurora Borealis Rinse-Free Hand Wash
Morning Wood Rinse-Free Hand Wash
High Maintenance Rinse-Free Hand Wash
Creamy Coconut Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Shower Gels

Gummy Shark Cocktail Shower Gel
Genie in a Bottle Shower Gel
Zenon Shower Gel
Slime Time Shower Gel
Cotton Candy Perfume Shower Gel

Bath Frosting

Frootie Loopers Bath Frosting
Stressless Bath Frosting
Swipe Right Rosé Shaving SherbetSwipe Right Rosé Shaving Sherbet
High Maintenance Bath Frosting
Cotton Candy Bath Frosting
Ocean Water Bath Frosting with Sea Salt
Blue Raspberry Bath Frosting

Sour Lip Scrubs

Blue Razz Lip ScrubBlue Razz Lip Scrub
Sour Grape Lip ScrubSour Grape Lip Scrub
Sour Lemon Lip ScrubSour Lemon Lip Scrub
Marshmallow Lip Scrub

Last Chance Items! Super Low Stock.

Sexy Stoner Wax Melts
Vanilla Milkshake Wax Melts
BANG! 2023 Mega Medley
King Cake Wax MeltsKing Cake Wax Melts
Save 17%
Fuck Anxiety - Laundry Soap PowderFuck Anxiety - Laundry Soap Powder
Maple Bourbon Car Freshie
Retro Aurora Borealis Perfume PufferRetro Aurora Borealis Perfume Puffer
Waffle Cone Body Butter
Save 54%
Gummy Shark Cocktail Body Butter
Tropical Smoothie Body Butter
Grape Soda Bath Bomb
Daydream Perfume PufferDaydream Perfume Puffer
Cotton Candy Perfume Shower Gel
Gummy Shark Cocktail Shower Gel
Save 72%
Ugly Christmas Sweater Vinyl Sticker 3"
Save 39%
Balsam & Cypress Tree Soap

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