How long do wax melts last for?



Do wax melts last longer than candles?
Why not just light a wick?

During craft shows, I have plenty of candle lovers come up to our booth curious about how wax melts work (click here to find out) and... should they switch over?

We've polled our audience of 100,000 customers who use wax melts daily to get the best results. We also do our own in-house testing in drafty 20 foot tall lofts, 900 square foot downtown apartments and 2,500-3,500 square feet homes in the suburbs. 

Before we reveal the customer results- which might shock you! *insert dramatic music* Let's check our own studies. 

Test 1: In a 900 square foot apartment with 13 foot tall ceilings we've found one warmer burning for 3-4 days provides sufficient aroma throughout, assuming all doors are open (bedroom, bathroom etc.) throughout the house enough for the aroma to travel. 


Test 2: In a 1,700 square foot apartment with 20-30 foot tall ceilings, we've found two warmers burning (again assuming all doors are open) will provide enough aroma for 3-4 days. 


Test 3: In a 2,500 square foot home with 12 foot tall ceilings and an open stairwell and entrance way, we've found three warmers burning (again assuming open doors) will fill a home for 4-5 days. We concur the extended aroma time may be due to varied scents allow your nose to recognize different aromas. 


Pro Tip: Often times, your nose may go "nose blind" to an aroma while a new guest may recognize the aroma, even overwhelmingly so. We recommend 2 scents throughout the home or more to add variety and keep your nose on it's toes! As well as an occasional Fragrance-Free day, to let your smeller reset a bit.


Founder & Owner, Brandon's Home:
In my home, we burn a lot! I'm a wax melt super fan, go figure.

In the Kitchen, we burn an aroma in the kitchen in a wall-warmer, for 7-9 days. When I walk into the kitchen (open concept) the scent is always there. It will overwhelm the home for 3-4 days and stay in the kitchen as a pocket of aroma, for the next 4-5 days which works for me!

In my Living Room, we swap the wax cube once every 3-5 days depending, this is my ground zero warmer and I change it up more usually because I want something new! Sometimes I will take the 3-4 day old wax and re-melt it in the kitchen as a "pocket-zone" aroma. 

In my Bathroom, is another good pocket zone! We will re-melt wax from the living room here, or if I'm taking a bath with one of our bath goodies, I will often pop in a totally new cube of a super relaxing aroma such as StressLess or Fuck Anxiety. 

In my Bedroom, we often leave a cube of Bedtime Goddess, Aurora Borealis or Frootie Loopers burning for 7-10 days easily. It's always new to my nose when I enter the bedroom so I never go nose blind to them, super relaxing and my nose always recognizes these aromas as "ope, it's time to rest". 

Let's see what our customers are saying!


The Question: How Much Aroma Do You Experience Per Cube Of Bewilderment Wax? 

The Result (Image Below): Over 30% of customers experiences 7+ Days of aroma, per cube. On average, customers experiences about 4 days per cube (or nearly 600 hours per wax brick, equal to TEN 16oz candles. 


Poll performed by a third party service over 24 hours. One vote per person. 

The results are really wild! Like any bar of our wax, results vary on the home and the warmers, but we do our best to provide support for ALL home types and brands of warmers, so our customers can experience a 5-Star performance every time. That's why we were named #1 In Customer Service by Pitch Magazine. 

TLDR; Most customers report over a week of use per cube, while across the board the average is about 4 days! That's 600-1,000 hours of aroma per full bar of our Bewilderment Wax Melts. 

Or about a month per brick of wax melts, for $5-7.
Shop our $5 wax melts!

Why? At Bewilderment we craft our wax melts using a trade secret blend of soy wax, that hold's more fragrance than any other wax in the industry, alongside the highest concentration of non-toxic and phthalate free fragrance ingredients! Our secret soy blend releases aroma consistently, and throws far in most wax warmers.  

Our warmer recommendations: Soy wax needs higher heat to melt down in fullness. I LOVE variety, so I replace a lot of low-end bulbs with 25 Watt 120V light bulbs in my wall-warmers. Stand alone warmers that are taller and more open, may need stronger bulbs. Make sure your warmers don't have too many air holes, they let the heat out. My favorite hot plate warmers are Glade, they are affordable (often $5-10), look nice and last a long time. If you notice a solid or jelly like ring of wax around the edge of your warmer, it's not hot enough. It should be fully melted edge to edge always. 


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