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Welcome to Bewilderment! We're a creative studio in Columbus, Ohio. Famed for creating superb quality treats for bath, body & home.

Over the years we have sponsored 12+ non-profits in mental health, equality and progressive policies. Such as ACLU, Trevor Project, Born This Way, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, the Innocence Project and many more.

We got our humble starts crafting long lasting wax melts, with super inappropriate scent names and overly-decorated bath & body creations that look good enough to eat- but like, don't.

Most importantly? We're a group of activists, committed to preventing suicide and raising mental health awareness in America - a country that desperately needs major health care reform. 

When you shop Bewilderment 1% of every sale supports our Suicide Prevention fund, and monthly charitable events help countless partner organizations. Thank you! 

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Bewilderment is a world to get lost in! With over 1,000+ aromas in and out of circulation, there's always a new aroma to collect - and a new favorite to find. Especially if you're a member of our Facebook group, BewilderBuds!

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Head Queer In Charge

Brandon Love is an artist & author based in Columbus, OH. He created Bewilderment as an outlet for his creativity in 2015. Catch him hanging out in the BewilderBuds FB group & on Instagram @YayBewilderment / @brann.love


Learn more about his story, click here.


Bewilderment was previously known as Crumble Co. Apologies for any mix up in names you will find across the site as we continue to update this decade old brand, with our new name and look.