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Aurora Borealis Car Freshie
Daydream Shower Gel
Genie in a Bottle Shower Gel
Zenon Shower Gel
Slime Time Shower Gel
Cotton Candy Perfume Shower Gel
Gummy Bear Perfume Body Butter
Zenon Body Butter
Miss Frizzle Body Butter
Cotton Candy Perfume Body Butter
Cotton Candy Perfume Aroma Mist
Lava Lamp Aroma Mist
Gummy Bear Perfume Aroma Mist
Genie in a Bottle Aroma Mist
Private Dancer - 80's Wax Melts
London Calling - 80's Wax Melts
Dungeon  Master - 80's Wax Melts
Valley Girl - 80's Wax Melts
Gentleman's Club - 80's Wax Melts
Pop Rock & Roll - 80's Wax Melts
Her Name Is Rio - 80's Wax Melts
Bad Reputation - 80's Wax Melts
Let's go To Bed - 80's Wax Melts
Pretty in Pink - 80's Wax Melts
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Mystery Box!
Mystery Box!
From $ 49.99 $ 60
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Eighties Comeback - 10 Wax Melts Collection!Eighties Comeback - 10 Wax Melts Collection!
Daydream Aroma Mist
LIVE! Wheel of Bewilderment Spins
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January Bundle - Champagne Wax Melts
Aurora Borealis - BATH/MASSAGE MELTAurora Borealis - BATH/MASSAGE MELT
Daydream Perfume PufferDaydream Perfume Puffer
Aurora Borealis Laundry Powder - SoapAurora Borealis Laundry Powder - Soap
Daydream Laundry Powder - SoapDaydream Laundry Powder - Soap
Orange Juice Wax Melts
Corgi Butts - Curl Cure Detangler
Gray Sweatpants - Curl Cure Detangler
Bahama Dreams - Curl Cure Detangler
Fuck Depression - Curl Cure Detangler
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Sweet & Sour Candy Hearts Lip Balm - Limited Edition!
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Bourbon Bacon & Brown Sugar Lip Balm - Limited Edition!
Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm
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Buttercream Frosting Lip Balm
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Merlot Lip Balm
Merlot Lip Balm
$ 4.99 $ 7
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Chardonay Lip Balm
Chardonay Lip Balm
$ 4.99 $ 7
Honey Vanilla Lip Balm
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Sauvignon Blanc Lip Balm

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