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We're your one-stop shop for over 1,500 distinctive aromas and artisanal treats for Bath, Body & Home all made right here in Ohio. From captivating wax melts (what we're most known for) to luxurious soaps, bath frostings, and premium skincare. Formerly called Crumble Co, rebranded in 2022.

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Continue reading on, to learn more about our legacy.

Looking for handcrafted goodness that tickles the nose and tugs the heart? Sick of cookie-cutter fragrances that promise the world but deliver suburbia?

Been There, Sniffed That.

Trying to find that perfect aroma is like swiping left on a thousand dating apps. Why is everyone trying to be 'fresh linen' and 'generic lavender'?

And, don't you want your money to echo your values, rather than pad the pockets of mega-corporations? Family owned businesses over Monopolies every day, we say.


Your Scented Sanctuary Awaits with Bewilderment.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Four generations, people! Candles, wax melts and famous cosmetic concoctions. From our great-grandma’s secret stash to the playful concoctions we whip up today, we’re all about authenticity.


Here's our promise...

Always Accessible: Whether you're a click, swipe, or a drive away from Lancaster, Ohio - we're here. Download the Bewilderment App today! ;)

Retro Recipes, Modern Mood
: Age-old secrets, bottled with a twist. It’s tradition, with a dash of sass. A solid design team helps, too!

Good Vibes, Great Causes: A portion of our profits support the Bewilderment Collective. A curation of organizations supporting mental health advocacy, equal rights and equality. A menagerie of 12+ charities doing good in the world! 
 And our monthly charity bars? They’re all heart at 100% profits donated to the Bewilderment Collective!
Bewilderment Collective Organizations
Autism Society of Central Ohio
Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation
The Innocence Project 
Planned Parenthood
Black Lives Matter
The Trevor Project
Born This Way Foundation
& Many More!

Take the Plunge.

First time? Here's WELCOME20 for 20% off. Because we like you already & your home deserves to smell like a fragrant masterpiece.

Or... Stick to the usual. But honestly? We think you deserve better.

Join BewilderBuds - our Mental Health Hangout!

Looking for a bonafide safe space on the interwebs to share vulnerably, seek advice & find new authentic friends!? BewilderBuds was founded in 2015 as a place to better oneself online, foster conversations around mental health and to connect peers with eachother through vulnerable topics.

Join today and vent, ask for advice or give some! Plus, engage in our weekly giveaways & friend finding events.

Join the BewilderBuds community, here.
We look forward to welcoming you.


Our Impact and Commitment
Every time you shop with Bewilderment, (slightly over) 1% of every sale goes towards the Autism Society of Central Ohio.
100% profits of our monthly Charity Bars support the Bewilderment Collective. A menagerie of non-profits working their asses off to fix this broken tattered world (or at least trying to make it better). 


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Meet Brandon Love

Brandon Love didn't just stumble upon his creative flair — he ignited it. From bonding over candle-making with his grandmother at the tender age of 9. He's transformed a nostalgic pastime into an immersive experience for all. When he's not in the studio whipping up magic with family recipes, Brandon's either vibing with our BewilderBuds on Facebook or sharing snippets of his vibrant journey on Instagram. Go on, give him a wave at @YayBewilderment and


"At Bewilderment, it's not just about products—it's about legacy and family recipes. Born from the art of handcrafting scents with my grandmother in our kitchen, we've come a long way from those first batches of wax melts made on my mom's stove (a stove we had to replace after a waxident, oops).

Our family team—spanning generations—painstakingly handcrafts each product in boutique batches. With over 1,000 evolving aromas, we're on a relentless journey of creativity. Whether you're after a zestful morning lift or an evening snug scent, Bewilderment has the aroma to embrace your moment. We're not just sharing scents; we're sharing our family's history and our passion for creating a better more kind, loving and accepting world with every sniff, scrub or spritz."




Shop in person!
Visit us in store, Fridays and Saturday Noon to 6:00pm.
100 S Basil Street, Baltimore, Ohio.

We can't wait to bewilder you in person! 🛍️🎉


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