Vanilla Dreams Monster Mist

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Meet Monster Mist!

Do unspeakable monsters descend on your child’s bedroom each night? With new Monster Mist, you can brighten up bedtime and keep the beasties away.

After years of searching for a solution to this pernicious nocturnal threat, Bewilderment. founder and noted cryptozoologist Brandon Love made a groundbreaking discovery: monsters can’t stand sweet smells. Vanilla makes their eyes water uncontrollably. Lavender sets their sinuses aflame. And cotton candy? Instant, unbearable hives.

Our specially formulated Monster Mist features calming, kid-friendly scents that are pseudo-scientifically proven to repel mythical beasts, cryptids and killer clowns.

To use, spritz once under the bed to send monsters running, and twice on your child’s pillow to ease their way to dreamland.

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