Remember as kids, how making new friends was fun, exciting & effortless? You pick boogers- I do too! Let's chase each other with stick swords & eat sandwiches with no crust.

But honestly... as adults, making genuine connections or finding the opportunities to do so, is SO tough! Finding friends isn't as easy as swiping left on an app, and people surely don't like being chased with stick swords anymore (or so we think).

That's exactly what I've discovered in September 2015, when I moved over 1,000 miles from my friends & family to rebuild my life. Not the chasing people with sticks stuff, just being darn lonely, friendless, awkward the whole nine yards.

So I started a community to, just make friends and get feedback on stuff. "The Crumble Family" it grew to become. To this day we're 300x bigger than when I spent my first year having fun online, but our community has been praised as...

"One of the most well moderated communities of it's size."
-Facebook Staff Member who knows a thing or two

The Crumble Family was a huge life saver for me through some tough times, basically learning to connect with others on my own. A safe place to be myself, discover who I was, and grow with others doing the same dang thing. we're talking mental health, fandoms, art, entertainment, a place to safely vent and help each other find solutions and coping mechanisms, to share advice & make life long best friends (it's exactly where I met all my closest friends).

We're all learning how to adult in this world, & while we don't have a handbook... 

We do have family. Get on in there!

Not yet? What are you a Taurus?

Since you're still curious, here's some questions we asked our community just for you. 

1. How did you find Crumble Family?

2. How has Crumble Family impacted your life?





Don't under estimate the power of a community to impact your social media, your life & your mindset. Give it a try, we've been waiting for you- we even cut the crust off your sammich.