Meet, Bewilderment!
Crumble Co is now, Bewilderment!

Brandon Love here, founder and owner. Big changes mean big questions, and I'm here to answer them. If you have a question you don't see the answer to, join the BewilderBuds facebook group (previously Crumble Family) and ask us, there. It's our pleasure to help!

Why change the business name?
I've been running Crumble since I was a kid, and now I'm almost 27. I've wanted to change the name for a very long time, ask anyone who's worked with me! We've workshopped ideas for years! Nothing ever stuck, and the timing was never right. 

But now as I enter this new chapter, in a new state (we just moved to Ohio, and are still unpacking) with an all new set up, team and growth plan... It's obviously the right time to wipe the slate clean and create something fresh with a brand identity that will allow me to expand in new ways! We have almost no products in stock, it's truly the best time to commit to this plan. 

Now with this new identity, we can see a clearer road ahead - and as a maker, it just feels more like me!

Will you still be selling my favorite product?

Yep, I will still be selling that special thing you love! We're changing names, not industries. Our home aroma, bath and body products will continue being crafted and sold. Same goes for hair care, cosmetics and accessories. We actually have plans for NEW categories, believe it or not. I'm dreaming of a fancy bath sponge section...

Will your missions remain the same?

Suicide Prevention will return to the forefront as our companies philanthropic mission, as it was when we began in 2015.

Bewilderment will be donating 1% of all sales to Suicide Prevention funds, such as the Trevor Project. As well as various charitable projects throughout the year, related to mental health.

If you know my own story, you know very well that Mental Healthcare and awareness are near and dear to me. I could not be more proud to return to these root passions, and I'm thrilled to launch our first charitable collaboration this March in honor of our companies 8th birthday. 

What about CrumBucks, Account Info and more?

No worries! They will remain there and are not going anywhere! The rewards program is just getting a new name, Wild Coins. Access your points the same way as usual! 

We will be doing business right here, on the same website. We will be renaming the brand, but everything will be the same system wise. 

Wait- did Bewilderment exist before?

Sorta, yes! I opened an unrelated gift store concept of the same name for 6 months in 2021. We closed it down, we are just adopting the name as Crumbles new identity. They are 100% unrelated brands, except by name. This is still the Crumble you know and love - just with a new name!

<3 That's all folks! 

My biggest hope is that you'll join us on the journey. I know change is weird and many of you will miss the Crumble Co name. But know that we are not going anywhere, and I for one have new wind under my wings. 

If you have any questions please leave them in the BewilderBuds facebook group, I would be thrilled to answer them! 🙂

All my love, thank you for the support. ❤
Brandon Love
Founder & Owner, Bewilderment/Crumble Co

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