Sex Cake Wax Melts

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Your partner approaches, wearing an amused smirk and not much else. (Is it just you, or did them temperature in the room just go way, way up?)

“Let’s try something new tonight. Do you trust me?”

You nod, excited and a little nervous, unsure of exactly what the evening holds in store.

Before you can say “safe word,” you’re blindfolded and waiting expectantly on the edge of the bed.

“Open wide,” they say playfully.

You comply and are rewarded with the taste of perfectly ripe cantaloupe.

One after another, your lover feeds you sweet morsels and sweet nothings.

A sip of raspberry liqueur.

A bite of honeyed kumquat.

A single candied violet.

“I saved the best for last,” they say, practically purring.

(Who knew food was so sensual?!)

You open your mouth obediently and receive the last surprise: moist, rich cake layered with black cherry buttercream. Heavenly.

The anticipation is killing you—enough dessert, you’re ready for the main course. You rip off the blindfold and descend on your partner, the taste of frosting still on your lips.

Meet the 600+ hour wax melt! Slow & steady aroma releases twice as strong as a candle. Handcrafted in Ohio, MD. American-sourced soy, oils, and packaging. Non-toxic, phthalate-free aroma. Safe around kiddos and fuzzy friends. Lasting 600-1,000 hours per bar.

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