Bubblegum Bitch Wax Melts

$ 7.95
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A snappy composite of bright peppermint teeming with chery vanilla. A smidgen of tropical banana and pineapple soaks into the pleasing depths of this deeply satisfying offering...a sweet-smelling tribute to days long past.

Meet the Bewilderment Wax Melt!

The product that made us famous.

  • Each brick contains 6x individual wax cubes, lasting a total of 600-1,000 hours per full brick as reported by our customers, here.
  • Use only 1x cube at a time for full strength, cut in half for less strength.
  • Crafted by hand in Ohio, with Missouri & Kansas grown soy.
  • All of our perfumists are members of IFRA and comply to the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.
  • None of our fragrances are tested on animals.

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