Gummy Bear Body Mist Wax Melts

$ 7.95
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Part of our radical 90's collection! Blue locker, blue binder, blue perfume. And don't get me started on accessories. Time-travel back to simpler times, awkward outfits and weird sci-fi movies (seriously, did we need to see Hellraiser in space?).

Musky rainbow gummy bears, powdery blue raspberries and sugary sweet and pineapple. A soft kid-like perfume aroma that smells just like innocent crushes and shopping at the mall.

Meet the 600+ hour wax melt! Slow & steady aroma releases twice as strong as a candle. Handcrafted in Ohio, MD. American-sourced soy, oils, and packaging. Non-toxic, phthalate-free aroma. Safe around kiddos and fuzzy friends. Lasting 600-1,000 hours per bar.

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